Why onFarm Storage?

We want to strengthen communities by helping make locally produced food available to more people.

We want to create local food infrastructures that will enable farmers to grow their businesses and meet the rising demand for their products by providing affordable cooling systems designed for their operations.

Post-harvest Cooling


Reduce waste and increase sales

Reduce culls and turn-back. Reduce waste and have more crop available for market. Plant and harvest more profitable varieties, and plant to hold for off-season sales. Combine with high tunnels for year-round harvesting, holding and sales.


Deliver better quality produce to your customers

Maintain higher quality grades and prices.  Grow in-demand crops with tighter storage needs.  Meet school, hospital and corporate protocols with National Sanitation Foundation listed construction.


Improve harvest efficiency

Harvest at ideal ripeness over time with smaller crews, then hold for delivery.


Reliable, fast and efficient cooling

Commercial grade refrigeration insures years of trouble-free use and sufficient power to handle field heat. 


Meet food safety requirements

Easily cleanable, food-grade construction.

Portability / Adaptability

Sized and powered to your needs and specifications.