About Us

Paul Hannemann, Mark Rieland and John Hatzung formed onFarm Storage as part of their focus on development of local food infrastructure in the upper midwest.


Paul brings his expertise designing storage / distribution facilities for a wide range of food retailers to bear on making standard cooling and storage affordable to local farmers. Paul focuses on quality, simplicity and effectiveness.


Mark's extensive financial experience in the food/ag sector and his central Minnesota farm helped form his vision of a network to bring local foods to meet growing demand in the retail, wholesale, institutional and corporate sectors.  Mark promotes the mutual understanding and common vision needed to form a new infrastructure to bring the benefits of locally grown food to our communities. 


John began designing buildings for the food business more than 25 years ago, exploring, learning and applying appropriate techniques and systems for food retailers, wholesalers and processors.  John pursues the complexities of sustainability, energy, refrigeration and fresh food.